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We are a full service organization focused on providing teachers, learning institutions and individuals with a place to host their own eLearning content.

  • Low per course cost.
  • Large open source community for support.
  • Supporting teachers & the community in efforts to build-up people.

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Why Choose eLearning4u?

eLearning4u has been working with the internet in the classroom since the inception of the company in 1997. In late 2002, we latched onto a "new" open source Learning Management System (LMS) - Moodle - and have worked fervorishly to implement web based learning in K-12 schools across the United States.

You're learning from the best

With advanced studies in Nova Southeastern's Fischler College of Education Instructional Technology and Distance Education (ITDE) doctoral program, our leader Marc Dastous has the foundation to guide your implementation.

Moodle is a proven solution

Since August 20, 2002, Moodle has been the go to solution for many virtual learning solutions worldwide. With over 165,083 currently active sites registered from 239 countries it is a leader in the LMS open-source world.

Top 3

* Get the benefit of 29 years’ of teaching; 20 of those with experience in teaching with an LMS.

* We’re in the business to help teachers and community organizations provide much needed and valuable instruction.

* We take the work seriously, but not ourselves!